Savory Bread Pudding With Artichokes, Cheddar and Scallions Recipe (2024)



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The 1997 Food & Wine version “Savory Artichoke Bread Pudding” is tastier. Gruyere and shallots being the big differences.


You definitely could use canned artichokes or frozen. I think frozen would be a better choice than either marinated or canned because they are firmer and drier. If using canned or frozen, I would saute them with some olive oil, garlic, salt and some herb to make them less bland.


I couldn’t figure out how to spread my artichoke mix so I ended up mixing it all together with the cheese and pouring the whole thing into my casserole pan. It was DELICIOUS! My oven runs pretty true, but this needed less time after removing the foil. Definitely let it sit before serving. Yum!!!

Jenn B

I loved this! But, did make alterations based on the previous notes. Combined with the recipe from Food and Wine mentioned below. Sautéed shallot and garlic with dried thyme, mixed with artichokes, parsley and hot sauce; left out scallions. Used a mix of cheddar/gruyere and some grated parm on top. Left rest of recipe as is and cooked per these directions. Flavor was really phenomenal. Texture great too. I did put under the broiler at the end as mine was not brown enough.


This tasted more like a soufflé, not a bread pudding. The cheddar cheese flavor was strong and overall the taste was somewhat bland. I think either a Mexican cheese blend or Gruyere would have been better.


I find that using a small ball of crumpled foil in the middle like a tent pole keeps the foil from touching the topping.


Didn't find this dish bland at all. Followed the recipe exactly and went with the best artichokes and sharpest cheddar we could find in our local run-of-the mill Chicago supermarket. Served it for dinner the night before Easter with a simple green salad; a lovely vegetarian substitute for the ricotta pies I grew up eating in Boston for supper on Holy Saturday. Delicate and delicious. Not every meal need be a full assault on the palate. And hey that's what the extra Tabasco is for :)

Melissa in VT

We didn’t do the layering, and prepped it several hours before baking. Turned out deliciously custardy, which we loved. I read others’ notes, and decided to do the following: 1) didn’t soak the bread, put it on the bottom of the buttered pan straight away; 2) poured egg mix over top; 2) mixed half of cheddar with all of artichoke mix; 3) add to bread and egg mix and stirred well; 4) used a zested to grate lemon peel on top; 5) finally, added the rest of the cheddar mixed with a 1/4 of percorino!


I prepared this just this afternoon , it is excellent and would be a great addition to Easter dinner. I love your recipes Melissa!


Savory bread pudding: sounds like a good excuse for stuffing without the bird!


I cannot wait to make this. Just in time for Easter dinner. In my opinion everything tastes better with artichokes!


I followed 'Lisa's' suggestion and swapped the scallions and cheddar for shallots and gruyere. It took it to an office party and it was the hit dish of the party. Excellent!


Perfect timing! This will be on the Easter menu at our house.


Brown 1 lb. hot Italian sausage and a chopped jalapeno in dutch oven, add bread soaked in custard for 2-3 hours and other ingredients (chopped to 3/8", rather than food processor, to keep texture), mix in sharp cheddar, and bake in covered dutch oven (one pan, one bowl, easy cleanup!). Easy on the salt, but put a bit of nutmeg in the custard. Don't worry about laying the ingredients -- keep it simple. Super yummy!!


Can't fault the recipe, but this turned out more "bread-y" than I liked -- I guess I don't care for "bread pudding"! If you have similar inclinations, I recommend significantly boosting the veggie component by adding peas, banana peppers, kale strips, chard stems, etc. I was a bit tentative in changing the recipe but, when it came out, discovered that I wished I had added even more vegetables. (Note: I also used mostly whole-wheat bread and may not have made bread chunks small enough.)


Added mushrooms and Broccoli for the veg and also grated half cheddar and half gruyere. Big hit

Kim K

Can this be frozen after cooking, then reheated in oven two or three days later?


I made it as written, and there’s a lot of room for improvement. Should you use a stale baguette, because there was a lot of leftover custard? Should you pour the leftover custard into the dish? Don’t finely chop the artichoke mixture; you need some texture in this dish. I like the idea of using a different cheese, like gruyere, and using add-ins, like shallots or leeks.

Susan Smith

This dish could be enhanced ( I found the dish too bland ) by using a sour dough bread and a premium sharp or extra sharp cheddar. A good basic recipe to experiment with - by adding additional ingredients.


Like all of Melissa’s recipes this was quick, easy and easily adaptable!

Delicious and Different!

My husband and I enjoyed this tremendously! I did my own marinade (lemon juice, olive oil, Italian seasoning, salt pepper, garlic) for the artichokes and added about 4oz diced mushrooms, and let that happen for 24 hours before. I also soaked the bread for several hours in advance. The result was delicious and we enjoyed it for two dinners. The whole point of a recipe is to give us motivation to try, make changes as you like, and eat well! Thank you Melissa!


7** eggs


Used this as an accompaniment to chicken. The warmth of the Tabasco came through beautifully. Next time - there will definitely be a next time - I might put in more artichokes and more garlic.


I usually absolutely love NYT recipes but this one was so bad I had to leave my first review. My young daughter said it tastes like “mushy bread” and I have to agree. I salvaged what was on my plate by dousing it in hot sauce but it still wasn’t very good. A few notes: I chopped instead of using the food processor (THANK GOD) because it offered a bit of texture, highly recommend a coarse chop instead of fine. May be better with more flavorful additions (sausage, bacon, etc).

Lucy Anderson

Made with leftover sourdough bread and whatever cheese on hand. Shallots and onion instead of scallions as I didn’t have any. Terrific. But I’m a lover of savory bread pudding so no surprise there. I could see using spinach as well or fresh herbs.


Worse than terrible. Absolutely no one liked it/didn’t finish it and it went straight to the garbage can, never mind we deplore wasting food. As others have noted, we couldn’t really discern the vegetables. It was more like stuffing but I found the flavor off putting. So glad I made this as a trial run first; having guests this weekend and had planned to serve it!


Delicious spring side dish. Used a French baguette, 1/2 Cheddar and 1/2 Gruyère instead of just Cheddar. Don’t skip the squeeze of lemon at the end. Leftovers are amazing reheated the next day!


Lovely and versatile weekday recipe. It'll make my pantry meal choice recipe list. Used asparagus, jarred roasted red peppers and some leftover pesto waiting patiently in the fridge to shine(in the place of artichokes)in this one. Yummy.

Jane K

I made this yesterday for Easter dinner along with roast chicken and an asparagus spinach salad. I made it exactly as written and it was delicious. I will most certainly make it again. Everyone, even the children, loved it. A sophisticated dish with delicate spring flavors. Wished I had doubled the recipe!


Planning to make this on Easter…What type of baguette did everyone use? Sourdough? French? Not sure which way to go. Will update with result!

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Savory Bread Pudding With Artichokes, Cheddar and Scallions Recipe (2024)
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