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1987, cover art by Gayle Feyrer
Poetry: Prisoners Of the Night
by Alayne Gelfand, art by M.B.Simon

Fiction: Of Vampires and Gentlemen
by A.R. Morlan, art by Alfred Klosterman

   A lonely vampire meets the most intriguing man of his long life and vast experience; a man who is a vampire of a different kind — In contemporary 1980s San Diego, a young woman discovers the hidden secrets of the mesmerizing man she’s met at a local bar and yearns to become part of that mystery — An eternally young woman searches the centuries and the continents for that which she found elusive in life; for her other half, for a touch of happiness, for herself — At a gay bar in Soho, England, a young man runs into mystery, sensuality, vampirism and love — The rape of a young woman results in a strangely wondrous birth, beauty, love, fulfillment, and tragedy — Meet Tom Chapman, a stable boy in rural England near the turn of the century who encounters Clarisse, a sophisticated, beautiful woman from the continent who is much more than she at first appears to be... $15.00 US; $17.00 Canada; $22.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific



1988, cover art by Marilyn Cole
Poetry: Night Addict
by Wendy Rathbone, art by Suzan Lovett

Fiction: Dark Seduction
by Nancy Kilpatrick, art by Chris Soto

   A newly made vampire is introduced to the ways of his kind, to the delights, the privileges and the horrors — A series of dreams after his wife’s death is the impetus to a man’s journal in which he documents his strangely inhabited nocturnal wanderings — A woman hits a wolf with her car during a period when the wolves are over-running her town. At least, she thinks its a wolf -- A college professor is overcome by the presence of a beautiful girl in his class. On the night he agrees to take her home, both are in for a few surprises — A Los Angeles club is the setting for an encounter between a rather mundane woman and two mysterious twins — Sometime in the future, when dentists are no longer needed, Carrelle Westley is the recipient of some anachronistic dental work -- When one of their own breaks the rules, vampires exact a price, a very stiff price -- A lonely runaway meets a Fegan-like mentor, a mentor who teaches him survival and much more — Every performer garners energy from somewhere, Kara Diamond’s source is just a little more unusual than most -- A vampire, bored with existence and seeking any relief, finds an unexpected and frightening fascination with another who is just as bored with his existence and is seeking his own form of relief... $15.00 US; $17.00 Canada; $22.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific



1989, cover art by John Borkowski
Poetry: Poetry Demon
by Cathy Buburuz, art by M.B. Simon

Fiction: The Better Feast
by Dan Persons, art by Gayle Feyrer

   A young man rents a room in a strange old house and meets three women who seem identical yet unlike any women he’s met before — Two old friends take a trip up the California coast and run into their pasts and possibilities for their futures — In a society where humans and vampires live in harmony, the most forbidden of social taboos is broken — A vampire questions the morality of its existence — Three young vampires are set loose on the world by The Master to find or make their place in it — A mysterious stranger, a woman’s obsession, and the riddle of why this stranger is so familiar come together in present day Southern California — Two college roommates share secrets; some not too dark, others darker than one of them could ever have imagined. $15.00 US; $17.00 Canada; $22.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific



1990, cover art by Marilyn Cole
Poetry: Moon Goddess
by Wendy Rathbone, art by Janet DuPuy

Fiction: The Demon
by Taerie Bryant, art by Tristan Alexander

   In Europe just after WWI, a young American is summoned to an abbey that holds ancient and terrifying secrets behind its mossy walls — Annie could never have guessed what it was she would find as she looked out of her bedroom window that night and saw the dark shape moving among the shadows — Misfortune and triumph mingle when two dimensional realities collide — What's the life support officer aboard an all- vampire spaceship to do when she discovers there's a human hiding somewhere aboard? — The human woman and the vampire man had no intention of falling in love with a member of a forbidden race, but now that they have, there's more problems than charges of necrophilia to face — When vampires are considered the dregs of society, there's certain to be an addictive allure to their forbidden company — The stranger changed the lives of Paul and his young brother whose body is racked by injury and pain, but no one could have expected what form that change would take. $15.00 US; $17.00 Canada; $22.00 Europe; $24.00 Pacific



1991, cover art by KOZ
Poetry: My Love Comes Dressed Only in Eternity
by Charlee Jacob, art by Bridget McCoy

Fiction: Loose Change
by Kay Reynolds, art by Marilyn Cole

   A writer encounters an enthusiastic but suspicious publisher; One member of a rock 'n' roll band begins to question the behavior - and tastes - of the rest of the group — A woman returns to her childhood home to find her family missing and the house next door inhabited by vampires — A man encumbered by a strange and terrible curse calls upon the services of a young prostitute to ease his pain — After the death of the world, the lone survivor contemplates his state of vampirism — A mortal child finds nothing odd about the fact that she is being raised by a group of vampires — In New Orleans, a man encountered the strange and unbelievable truth about his fiancŽ and her family — In an alternate dimension, a vampire and his mortal consort face the unusual emotions caused by their situation. $12.00 US; $14.00 Canada; $17.00 Europe; $19.00 Pacific



1992, cover art by Janet DuPuy
Poetry: The Petrified Man
by Jacie Ragan, art by Alfred Klosterman

Fiction: The Ophelias
by Charlee Jacob, art by Cathy Miller Burgoyne

   Are the ramblings of a schizophrenic girl only drug-laced fantasy? Or is there more to commonly perceived "reality" than most of us can sense? — A lone vampire suffers the loneliness of a beautiful woman... until he discovers the one gift that can set them both free — They called her "Wither"... so when she heard the term used for the area near the river, how could she not see for herself what all the fuss was about? — The rock band "Gradual Seduction Of the Night" returns... and young Ian has a serious problem — Adjustment for a space-station raised vampire and his mate to life aboard a space exploration vessel is not as smooth as they had hoped — Robert's life was as normal as a teenager's life could be ... until Nick showed up with his black BMW and his black soul — The tour was structured for insomniacs... but Corin McIlwain had a different reason for only coming out at night — What becomes of the memories of the victims of a vampire? $9.95 US; $11.95 Canada; $14.95 Europe; $16.95 Pacific



1993, cover art by Marilyn Cole
Poetry: The Perseid Lights
by Gary J. Whitehead, art by Bridget McCoy

Fiction: The Cold of Snow & Ghosts
by Charles A. Gramlich, art by M.B. Simon

   In the darkness of a pool hall, a young vampire meets her match — The siren call of a reflection in her mirror captures more than just Alicia's men — They always called her "wacky", but to Annie, the image in the window is very real — A warrior meets a mysterious woman on the way to fight the Mongols — Rain on the playa comes only once every one hundred years... and when it does come, it produces a very strange crop — Who is the stunningly beautiful woman who showed up uninvited to the party, what is her magic that draws people with the mere flick of her eye? — The trees had always been there, that's what Paul had been told, but he's about to learn the reason why the trees are so important — As neighbors go, Jack's weren't so bad, until one of them decided to prove a point by blowing Jack's head off — The last vampire in existence says goodbye to the androids the vampires created to take their place in the world — Risa prayed for a cure for her husband, and learned that wanting and getting are two very different matters —The Innuit tribe Kainja had adopted was starving and even his most drastic efforts don't seem to be enough. $9.95 US; $11.95 Canada; $14.95 Europe; $16.95 Pacific



1994, cover art by Janet DuPuy
Poetry: Husks
by Wendy Rathbone, art by Bridget McCoy

Fiction: Warm Red Shadows
by Sonia & Naomi Hughes, art by Michael Kucharski

   How else is a blind sculptress to approach her homage to the vampires in the midst of her society if she doens't have one to interview... to inspect? — The Dust Bowl could make a man see many things, many strange and wonderful things — In the Himalayas, the vampire Kainja comes face-to-face with his past and a decision he made long, long ago — At the time, choosing to make the six hundred year journey from Earth to The Tenth Shore of Rigel instead of remaining on Earth and being killed along with the rest of his kind seemed like a good idea. Now Sage isn't so sure he made the best decision and fears he may, unfortunately, live to regret it — When the boys turned their teasing into genuine threats, Dale thought he was in real trouble; the kind of trouble from which no one and no thing could help him escape — When Brian Tedesco decided to make the trip to Romania to research his genealogy, the last thing he expected was to be arrested as a spy, or to end up as part of some bizarre experiment — There were too many choices to make, too many things to do, too many careers from which to choose; but now that she's met him she may only have one truly important choice to make, one that will make all other choices unimportant — Working the graveyard shift, the vampire never expects any serious trouble from rowdy teeangers, and even he could never imagine the kind of trouble that comes calling. $9.95 US; $11.95 Canada; $14.95 Europe; $16.95 Pacific



1995, cover art by Michael Apice
Poetry: Washing the Dark
by Corrine DeWinter, art by Darren Cerone
Fiction: Kiss of the Black Angel
by Della Van Hise, art by Janet DuPuy

   Rose longed to know the truth about Elizabeth’s tattoos and provocative piercings, but she couldn't ask about them. The words were trapped within the shell of her shyness — A vampire wakes from what he thought would be eternal slumber to find himself beholden to a wailing toddler due to the fact that he’d been buried beneath a myrtle tree — In the first installment from Della Van Hise’s novel, RAGGED ANGELS, we meet Stefan; a man enslaved by grief who is offered a chance at eternity but at the cost of a terrible secret that will haunt him, and the reader, forever — The entity waited for the man to return, shifting from one guise to another. When would he return? When would the entity be allowed to hunt again, to pour itself around the man and clothe him in its essence? -- An ancient vampire finds herself in love for the first time and faced with the question of whether to grant that love a small piece of her own eternal life or not — Malachi knew his destiny was to live in light, despite evidence to the contrary. But Perry knew Malachi’s true nature, even if Malachi did not — An ancient being finds a fledgling offering herself to the dawn and laments on the irrational stubbornness of zealots — Two people fleeing misery meet in the post-Civil War South; one a slave running from a burning plantation, the other a woman of unimaginable origins and unforgiving gifts — A people persecuted, a woman grieving. Amid the suffering of her people, she prays… and a Goddess is given shape — A man is given fame in exchange for his energy and is, ultimately, rewarded with more than devotion and love. $9.95 US; $11.95 Canada; $14.95 Europe; $16.95 Pacific



POTN #10
1997, cover art by Bridget McCoy
Poetry: Reptiles
by Wendy Rathbone, art by Michael Apice

Fiction: Mark of the Dreamer
by Tippi N. Blevins, art by Janet DuPuy

   A vampire, desperate for the human ability to dream once again, wends a maddening path through the people who find themselves drawn to his tattoo parlor — A scientist in search of vampires ventures into space and encounters the horrifying, true nature of reality — Join Jim Kowanolski, reluctant vampire, on his further adventures with his unruly teenage werewolf companions — The vampire Kainja comes face-to-face with his own origins via the nearly deranged machinations of a scientist who is also a Catholic nun — It's an unfortunate fact that not all vampires survive immortality and now Charles must watch as yet another loved one fades — Where the intense colors and shapes of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings the visions of a madman or were they visions from another supernatural source? — Two vampires, separately searching the world for another of their kind, finally reach their goals —When the undercover operation he's on goes bad, Detective Lambino receives help from the most impossible of quarters —In a future drained of magic and ruled by technology, an isolated young woman finds herself in the midst of an extremely magical presence — When Giu met the lost, damaged blind girl, he had no intention of taking her in; his thoughts had been more on the subject of feeding — Can the certainty of advice given in youth succor the pain of years of watching a dear friend pine for a vampire you convinced her never really existed? — Also, in the next installment of Kiss of the Black Angel, Stefan explores his new world and, especially, Miquel, the mysterious vampire who gave it to him. $7.95 US; $ 9.95 Canada; $12.95 Europe; $14.95 Pacific



POTN #11
1999, cover photography by D. Van Hise
Poetry: Vampire Children
by Wendy Rathbone, art by Cathy Buburuz

Fiction: The All-Night Café
by Charlee Jacob

In the antiseptic existence of the cyber world, a woman finds a human connection and reconsiders her choices — At the close of the Civil War, a woman struggles to understand her new life, aided by a rare, beautiful and magickal gift — Some survive the transformation into the century France, a police officer tracks a serial killer through the salons of the Impressionist painters — Bant protected the dead from the Ghouls but little did he think he would ever be tricked by one of them — She knew the vampires were leaving, she just didn’t understand why — Woman, artist, vampire hunter, who would ever have guessed she would fall under the spell of one of the creatures — The ghosts where there and, even though he couldn’t see them, he knew the vampire he served could and did — A lonely vampire meets a mysterious woman and, together, the worst parts of their lives fall into place… $7.95 US; $ 9.95 Canada; $12.95 Europe; $14.95 Pacific



Some live in darkness, some in light, all live under a curse.
Enter a world of erotica, a world of seduction, mystery, intrigue, love and hate…
enter the world of vampirism and join the
Prisoners Of The Night


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