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submission Guidelines


"Thank you, everyone, for your interest in POTN. Unfortunately, as of October 2000, POTN is no longer in production. I wish you all the best with your writing. -- Alayne Gelfand, Editor"

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1-POTN does not consider simultaneous submissions. Any that are received will be returned unread or will be discarded.

2-All manuscripts must follow proper submission form: typed; double-spaced on one side of 8.5 x 11 paper; name and address on the first page of fiction, every page of poetry; all pages of fiction must be numbered. Proper form may be found at the beginning of any of the Writer’s Digest books (the Novel And Short Story Writer’s Market, etc)

3-All submissions must be accompanied by an appropriate size SASE* for the return of the manuscript or the editor will not respond.

4-If you are IBM compatible and can send a 3 .5 " disk, please let POTN know. Acceptable formats are: Word for Windows, WordPerfect or ASCII files. Submission must be made by hard copy even if you send a disk.

5-Electronic submissions of fiction are not acceptable; poetry MAY be submitted electronically.

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1-POTN is looking for stories with strong plots, emotional substance, richness of atmosphere both physical and metaphysical, depth of character and enticing sensuousness.

2-All stories must be erotic and/or sensuous in nature.

A-Erotic: of or pertaining to passionate love, amorous.**

B-"Erotic" does not mean explicitly sexual nor does it mean aspects of a sexual situation must be present. However, sexual situations, explicit or not, are very welcome if they remain within the parameters of the rest of these guidelines.

C-Sensuous: pertaining or appealing to or derived from the senses: used in a higher and purer sense than "sensual". Keenly appreciative of and aroused by beauty, refinement, or luxury. Resembling imagery that appeals to the senses.**

D-"Sensuous" can refer to the way light plays across a satin bed cover, wind blowing through hair, a scent on the wind, the feel of a hand against a cheek. It can also refer to word usage, the play of one word against another.

3-POTN is NOT looking for stories involving the everyday "run-of-the-mist", blood-sucking "count" or "countess"! Unusual, unique, poetic, original visions of the vampire — something new -- is what POTN seeks, different types of vampires in unusual settings and situations, told in a surprising and/or startling fashion without necessarily conforming to established ideas or "rules" of vampirism.

A-POTN is NOT interested in stories involving hitchhiking vampires, stranded motorists "saved" by vampires who live in conveniently close-by castles, women in Spandex in bars who meet lonely vampires, MEN in Spandex in bars who meet lonely vampires…!

B-POTN does NOT want stories that take place in or around bars of any kind: "singles’ clubs", "night clubs", etc. If your story is strong enough with such an element, then it will be stronger without it; set your action somewhere less obvious, less stereotypical.

C-No stories involving prostitution in ANY form will be considered. Again, it’s too easy a writer’s device. Use your imagination, be innovative!

D-POTN will NOT consider any stories that include pornography:

1-Pornography: the expression or suggestion of the obscene in speaking, writing, etc**

2-Obscene: offensive to the senses; foul.**

4-POTN is NOT interested in stories that contain sleazy sex, sex employed as shock element, drug induced sexual situations, sex merely for the sake of including sex in the story. Sexual content within a story must be there to enhance or impel the plot. Sexual content need not be crass to be effective.

5-ORIGINAL characters only! No media-related characters, please. (IE: no DRACULA, DARK SHADOWS, NICK KNIGHT, ST. GERMAIN. Lestat/Louis/Claudia/Armand, KINDRED: THE EMBRACED, STAR TREK, STAR WARS, DUE SOUTH, MICKEY MOUSE, MIGHTY MOUSE, etc…).

6-Stories of a heterosexual as well as homosexual nature WILL be considered.

7-All stories must deal with vampires: no werewolf or ghost stories, please.

8-NO A.I.D.S.-related stories, please! POTN has seen many stories involving this element, none of which have been convincing in their premiss that vampires would be any more vulnerable to A.I.D.S. than they would be to any other blood disease; POTN would rather not address the subject at this time.

9-POTN stresses the romanticized, sensuous, erotic side of the vampire as opposed to the horrific, stereotypical, "Nosferatu" side. While it is understood that, by nature, a vampire story must have a certain "horror" element, POTN is not seeking stories that feature the "horror" aspect as a main or pervading theme.

10-There is no restriction on time period: present, past, future are all welcome; "period pieces" as well as science fiction elements are very welcome if they do not fall into stereotypes.

11-Word length: 1,500-5,000 words is preferred. Longer stories will be considered up to but not beyond 10,000 words. Shorter pieces will also be considered.

12-Reprints: reprints of stories will be considered ONLY IF 1-the story has not been printed in a publication that targets the exact same audience as POTN and 2-if the story has not been published in the last 3 years.

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1-Poetry must be typed on one-side of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

2-Poet’s name and address MUST appear on EACH POEM.

3-Please do not submit more than 6 poems at a time.

4-Non-structured, non-rhyming verse is preferred though other forms WILL be considered.

5-Submitted poetry must not have be published within the past 24 months. EXCEPTION: Unless publication was in the poet’s own chapbook within the past 24.

6-Return postage (SASE) must be included with your submission or the editor will be unable to respond.

7-Electronic submissions of poetry ONLY are acceptable; no electronic submissions of fiction will be accepted.

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1-Please send COPIES of original art when submitting.

2-POTN will assign stories (or poetry) to artists so please send samples of the various kinds of art you do: each type of medium in which you work, each style, etc.

3-A #10 SASE* must be enclosed with your submission. POTN prefers to keep samples of art work on file, so if you need your samples returned, be sure to enclose appropriate return postage.

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FICTION: 1 cent per word plus one copy

POETRY: $5.00 per poem plus one copy

ART: standard fee is $10.00 per full-page illustration; art fees are open to negotiation within reason plus one copy

POTN buys first print rights.

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Prisoners Of The Night

PO Box 688

Yucca Valley CA 92286-0688

Ms Alayne Gelfand, Editor

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Manuscripts (including poetry and art submissions) are read from 15 September through 31 March annually. However, the sooner you submit once reading begins, the better your chances for consideration for any given issue; waiting until February or March to submit will pretty much cancel your chances of being included. Manuscripts are not read 1 April through 14 September. During the non-reading period, the editor will not respond to any submissions although guidelines and ordering information are always available.

Guideline requests and questions ONLY may be sent via e-mail to: alayne@inetworld.net.


*SASE: Self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Foreign submissions: SAE + 2 IRCs: Self-addressed envelope + 2 International Reply Coupons.

**Information taken from Britanica World Language Dictionary.



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