An Adult Anthology of Seduction, Mystery, Erotica and VAMPIRISM!


the Editor


     Ms. Alayne Gelfand: Editor, slave driver, demanding (occasionally gentle) mistress and general momentum behind POTN, prefers to remain in the shadows most of the time (both literally and metaphorically). Every year, she spends September 15 through March 31 reading for POTN, which, on average, means 200-300 fiction manuscripts and anywhere from 200-400 poems. This seems to have had no noticeably negative effect on her ... uh ... undying love for vampires.

     When not reading for POTN or otherwise enmeshed with production chores, she spends a great deal of her time with her true passion in life: painting, something she's been doing since she was 10 years old (not that she's ready to admit how long that's been).

     Alayne has been writing fiction of every sort also since about age 10 and has been published in numerous "fanzines" (which she has also been editing and publishing since 1984) and small press publications such as Worlds Of Women (Circlet Press). Her poetry chapbooks include The Square Root Of Purple, August, Brushwork, The Subterranean Logic of Dreams among others.

     The idea for POTN is rooted in the first poem that appears in the first issue: by the editor. Prisoners Of The Night was written in the normal course of writing poetry, nothing was intended by it other than the poem itself; it had no target publication, no audience in mind. However, when a friend read the poem, her mind started working and, a few months later in an attic room in London, put the seed for the anthology, PRISONERS OF THE NIGHT, into the editor's head and there it stuck. And so, as they say, history was made.

     POTN has developed over the ensuing 12 years from a fanzine to a slick small press publication that is unique in the vampire literary world due to its commitment to remaining one step ahead of the genre, to publishing only fiction and poetry that brings something new to the vision of the vampire, something not seen before, something viewed from a different perspective or angle. Nothing is what is seems in POTN.

     POTN is also unique in its commitment to the definition "erotic" as being part of its very core. There is a fine line between "erotic" and "pornographic", a line that has, by necessity, been drawn by Alayne and is maintained with an iron fist. She has been known to tell those submitting to POTN, friend and stranger alike, that they are submitting to the hardest-nosed, worst bitch-editor on wheels! No favor is given for friend, relative or foe. When the editing day is done, the only thing that matters is the publication.

     Over the past 12 years, Alayne has devoted herself to this project through hell and high water. She plans to continue doing so well into the next century... and, perhaps, even into the next.



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